About Leo Multiple 3231

Leo Club Program Department is one of the initiatives of The International Association of Lions Clubs. Leo is inherent, of course, a Young Lion but in a parallel universe, Leo also stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. Being a worldwide movement, over 1,60,000 Leo Clubs are spread across 140 countries.
Leoism is a synthesis of fellowship & service, objectively proceeding towards creating leaders for a progressive tomorrow.
Leo Multiple is an administrative body governing Leo Districts & Leo Clubs. Leo Districts hailing from Maharashtra unite to form The Leo Multiple 3231, India. Leo Multiple 3231 is chartered on 28th May, 2017. And, felicitously, Leo Multiple 3231 is hoping to soar heights because this is what resonates in Leo Multiple 3231 - WE THE LEOS OF THIS FINE MULTIPLE, HEREBY PLEDGE OF OUR HEARTS, HANDS, EARS, EYES, KNOWLEDGE, AND OURSELVES FOR THE BETTERMENT OF OUR COMMUNITY, STATE AND COUNTRY.
Leo-Lion Shwetank Maheshwari
Leo-Lion Shwetank Maheshwari
HC: Andheri Achievers

From Multiple President's Desk

A small message to the UPCOMING leaders

Today, we mark the beginning of a new chapter in our Leo journey. We want you to embrace 1 emotion throughout your Leo year 2021-22. YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE. You have been chosen to accomplish some heart-melting, impossible and fun projects in your LEO YEAR. You know why?

Because some underprivileged kids out there are waiting for YOU to come and resume their studies. Because some Cancer patients out there are waiting for YOU to come and give them mental support, tell them they are loved. Because some women out there are waiting for YOU to come and give them a livelihood to earn to support her family. Because some animals out there are waiting for YOU to come, rescue them and save their lives. Because some Leo’s out there are waiting for YOU to come and give them a family to express themselves, help find their own identity. Because … (The List is Endless)

BE YOU because you have been chosen to create THEIR DESTINY. BE BOLD because some events are meant to be only done by YOU. Make mistakes but learn from them. We believe in you and are eagerly looking forward to your LEO YEAR. Miracles are about to happen so always remember:

DESTINY has chosen YOU.


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